As a Fitness Trainer the one thing that gets me most frustrated is when a client doesn’t see their programs through to the end.  I take my clients goals very seriously and develop detailed programs that take time to develop.  But the truth is that if you really want the body or healthy lifestyle you dream of then sticking to the program is endless and ever changing.  We live in a society that wants everything yesterday and unfortunately when it comes to your body and the years of abuse done to it, it takes time to make changes and then to see the results of those changes

So many of my clients that stick to my training programs, indefinitely, have done so because they developed a good incentive for sticking to it.  This is where training philosophy come in

Training Philosophies and What They Are?

When you have developed a strong training philosophy it encompasses what you believe in as it pertains to your training. Part of this is the way in which you approach your training and the reason why you are training to begin with.

Drop Sets

What motivated you to start an exercise program to begin with?  What will help to to stay motivated to continue to keep working-out?

A common response from a guy is that they wanted to catch the eye of women and that is why they began to work-out.  This is not what we are talking about.  We are discussing the motivation that drives you.  What keeps you dedicated and committed to sticking with it.  The aforementioned reason is weak and short lived.  You must dive deeper and figure out what exactly it is.

Don’t know what motivates you?  Don’t be discouraged, this is common.  Let me try and give you some reasons that may help spark something is your brain to give you a clearer idea.

Let’s discuss the 5 whys…

What’s your why?  This has been a very common statement throughout motivational speakers recently and it has merit.  So ask yourself ‘Why’ 5 times.  If you have children then you have heard this countless times.  Children get it.

Why do you want to start a fitness program? To get healthy?  To get a more muscular body?  To get women?

Why do you want to get healthier? To have more energy? To lose body fat? To live a longer life?

Why do you want more energy?  To keep up with your kids?  To do better at work and make more money?

You see the more often you ask yourself why it will get easier to identify the true reason to start to get healthier and start a fitness program.


You must also Have a Vision

Without seeing where you want to be you can’t see how to get there.

I use visualization techniques with my Athletes on a regular basis.  You must envision where you want to be as far as your body and health are concerned.  Have a picture in your mind of what you will look like and what your perfect healthy life looks like

You see, there are emotions tied to your vision.  Since you have a real sense of desire to the future you and this desire will help you keep going.  Waking up early in the morning will become less difficult as will going to the gym after a long day at work.

Once you have established your ‘why’s ‘ and you ‘vision’ it will then be easier to break these down into short term goals.  Once you have your short term goals written down it will be easier to create the perfect training and nutrition program to reach that goal.  From there you adjust and move on to your next short term goal.  But during all of this you’ll still have that picture of your overall goal in your mind.  All of this will help keep you on track and keep you pushing forward.

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