If you are a bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast then you are very musch aware that you must eat enough protein in order to create the perfect muscle building and recovery environment. Your muscle cannot grow without the amino acids of protein; no matter how long or hard you train. Protein is the building blocks of muscle and there is no other nutrient substitute.

Eating one gram of protein for each pound of body weight is the key to muscle growth. Now that’s a lot of protein that most people cannot get in there daily diet. For this reason protein supplementation is often necessary. If you are not taking in enough protein then your time spent in the gym is futile. Seems like a waste doesn’t it? Without eating enough protein, all your muscle building training in the gym will be futile. Such a waste isn’t it?



The question often arises as to when is the best time to consume protein whether it be in a meal or a supplement? Another question is what type of protein is best to get the most muscle growth?

•Take in protein first thing in the morning: Your body has been without food all night long which causes it to start of in a catabolic state. Since you do not have any glycogen stored your body will burn muscle to satisfy what it needs. When you first wake up it is important to consume a quickly digestible protein. A good habit is to have a protein supplement handy and place it where you brush your teeth. Then drink it before hand. This will help prevent your muscle wasting away or catabolism.

•Consume protein between meals-One of the best protein supplements to take that is also slow digesting is casein protein. This way you will keep the protein flowing in your bloodstream which will feed your muscle throughout the day. Your muscle will be supplied with protein throughout the day.

•Pre-workout/Post Workout Protein- Studies have shown that fast digesting proteins such as protein isolate pre-workout will promote muscle growth by supplying them with protein during your intense exercise. It is also been studied that protein, along with carbohydrates, consumed immediately after a workout helps to repair the damage done during your workout. The carbohydrates will also replenish your glycogen stores that were depleted during exercise.

•Prior to bedtime-As discussed earlier, your body will run out of protein shortly after you fall asleep. This will leave you without the building power of protein for several hours during the night. It is suggested that you consume casein protein before bedtime as it digests slowly and will supply your body with much needed protein for many hours into your sleep cycle.


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You should now have enough information about the best times to consume protein that will help encourage muscle building. Follow these tips and you will see your muscle grow like never before.

Although knowing when the best time is to consume protein will help you build more muscle, you also need to have in place the perfect training program.  This will ensure that you are activating as many muscle fibers as possible in order to trigger the most growth.  This is where I can help you!

Sign-up for my Beginner Lean Muscle Explosion! This Online Program will give you 24/7 access top your muscle building program through your smart phone.  Isn’t time you realize your dream of a more toned, more muscular body?


Beginner Lean Muscle Explosion

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