Generating progressive muscular contractions are the only way to build muscle.  The only way to continuously generate muscular contractions is to increase your training intensity.  The length of your training should not be confused with maximum training intensity. It takes less time to achieve your maximum training intensity when it comes to muscle growth.


Muscle Building

I have discussed ways you can intensify your training in other articles but want to focus on one technique and that is partial repetitions.  Partial repetitions can quickly increase your exercise intensity which in turn will create progressive muscular contractions causing more muscle growth.

As we discuss ways to increase your training intensity we cannot forget to mention overtraining.  This is one of the biggest dangers confronting most bodybuilders.  Those bodybuilders training at an advanced level must resist the temptation to add more exercises and extra workouts in order to improve.  At that level your already training all out and adding more exercises to an already busy schedule can have devastating effects on your progress.


By using partial repetitions can help you avoid over training yet maintain progress. Using partial reps allows you to add intensity without adding to the amount of time in the gym. But in order to get the most out of the use of partial repetitions you should follow these tips:


  1. You should use more weight than you would normally use for full range of motion of the same exercise.
  2. Partial reps should be performed during the initial positive or mid range point of the exercise.
  3. Lagging body parts respond well to partial repetitions.
  4. Only do partial reps for one set per body part.
  5. Partial repetitions should only be used to supplement full range movements and not replace them.

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