Partial Repetitions

Generating progressively stronger muscle contractions is the only way to build more muscle tissue.  In order to do this you need to find different ways to increase your overall training intensity.  Training intensity and training duration are two completely different things that should not be confused.  Increasing training intensity should actually shorten your workouts and you can do this by using partial repetitions.

Here we’ll focus on the role that partial repetitions have to play in intensifying the training effect.

 Overtraining is one of the most serious issues confronting serious bodybuilders. Advanced bodybuilders often look for different ways to add more muscle by increasing exercise duration or frequency which can have a negative effect on their goals.  You must resist the urge to add more workout days to an already demanding schedule.

So how do you maintain progress but avoid the perils of overtraining?  By making use of partial repetitions.  Partial repetitions will allow you to add intensity yet they do not increase the duration of your workout.  Here are some simple steps to get the most out of partial repetitions:

  1. Use a much heavier weight than you would for the full range version of the same exercise.
  2. Perform partial reps only from the halfway stage or mid-point of the exercise.
  3. Use this method primarily on lagging body parts.
  4. Perform only one exercise for one set per body part.
  5. Use only as a supplement to full range movement exercises, not instead of.


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