Are you looking for an instant and quick way to increase your back strength on just about every back exercise you perform? Does this sound too good to be true? The truth is there is a basic price of equipment that will help you add serious muscle size and strength gains.  If you’re not using it you are missing out. Do you want to know what tool am I talking about?


Here it is…lifting straps!


Lifting straps are such a basic and effective lifting tool that many people do not even consider them. Maybe they are just unaware how much they can benefit their workouts. A basic set of thick straps are made up of extremely strong material.  Lifting straps are placed around your wrists and then wrapped around the handle portion of a dumbbell, barbell, or other piece of equipment. The purpose of lifting straps is to help you hold on to the weight allowing you to perform extra reps and more weight.  I’m sure you’ve noticed that when you are performing an intense workout it seems that your grip gives out before your muscles have been fully worked.  Using lifting straps basically eliminates your forearms from the movement allowing you to use more weight for more sets.


Increase your Back Strength


Why is this so valuable?


Here’s an example…take a look at the deadlift (arguably the most powerful muscle-building exercise known to man). You stand at the bar getting yourself mentally prepared for the lift, grip the bar, and pull the weight off of the ground.  You’re strong and you’re on your way up. You’re driving out rep number 5 and your forearms are exhausted and you lose your grip on the bar.  Because of the muscular failure in your forearms you can’t hold the bar any longer.  You are forced to stop even though you had 2 or 3 reps left in you.


Beginner Back Training



What the heck happened here?


One thing is for sure; your forearms got an amazing workout! Not exactly what you were hoping for and you missed out on stimulating the muscles of your back, shoulders, legs, shoulders, and just about ever muscle that the deadlift targets.  Not good!

What can help you eliminate this issue? Lifting straps would. When used correctly, lifting straps can help you make sure to reach muscle failure in the major muscle groups that you were trying to target.  Don’t let forearm failure derail your progress on major lifts!

There are some arguments against the use of lifting straps.  One of these is that they will have a negative affect on the development of grip strength and squander forearm size. But I think most people would rather have greater muscle size in their lats and upper back then be better able to open a jar. Take your pick.


The use of lifting straps will have more of a positive effect than negative.  The most noticeable is gains in overall muscle size and strength.  I think that alone outweighs the negative effects of grip strength. If you’re worried about your forearm size and grip strength it is easy to add in some forearm exercises at the end of your training routine that isolates them.  If you haven’t added a set of lifting straps into your gym bag then go out and get some.  They’re very inexpensive and only cost about $10-$15 for a set.

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