Having a killer body will not happen overnight but if you follow these fitness tips you will quickly be on your way to be the envy of those around you.

Choosing the right type of weight, or resistance, training

One of the most important ways of getting that killer body is to make sure you are choosing the correct type of training.  Doing loads and loads of cardio exercise will not give you the tight and toned body you are looking for.  Although it will help to keep your fat levels low, it will not be the golden ticket.  You must add weight training into your workouts.  I truly believe that women who do not train with weights are either confused on how to weight train or they have been misinformed about gaining too much muscle.

Choose exercises that work several different muscle groups within the same exercise.  Pull-ups for instance will work your lats, shoulders, biceps, and middle back.  Pull-ups will inadvertently also work your abdominal muscles as you keep your core tight throughout the movement.  Lunges are also a great exercise to work many different muscle groups.  By performing lunges you will work your quads, hamstrings, glutes (butt), core, and lower back.

Burn Abdominal Fat

Choose cardio exercises that activate major muscle groups

One of the most popular cardio exercises is walking on a treadmill.  Although if done correctly, the treadmill can produce awesome results; most people find themselves walking for 60 or 90 minutes never increasing the incline or speed.  Think about this for a minute, your body is designed for movement and walking on a treadmill is an easy task for your body to complete.  Instead I would suggest a step-mill, elliptical, or rowing machine.  These types of cardio exercise machines will help you to engage more muscle groups in turn burning more calories

Choose the right foods

One of the biggest diet killers are refined sugars.  If you truly want to get the Killer Body then you must rid your diet of refined sugars.  The biggest culprits of refined sugars are drinks.  Sugary drinks will pack on more body fat than most other things.   There has been so much said about removing sugar from your diet that I am going to leave it right there.

After choosing the right food the next thing you need to look at is how many meals are you eating per day.  Most bodies do very well by eating 5 smaller, nutrient rich foods, meals per day.  You should take into account your macronutrients like protein, carbohydrates, and fats.  If you know what your daily intake should be then breaking it down into 5 meals should be really easy.

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