I happen to have something up my sleeve for anyone who wants to build more muscle and create a ripped body. Get ready for ‘cardio acceleration’…

Cardio Acceleration is a form of HIIT combined with resistance training. This awesome technique combines a cardio routine with a gym routine.
The standard scheme for working out in the gym is to perform exercises as sets and reps in order to build muscle. Set usually include between 6 and 12 reps and then reset for a minute to a minute and a half. Then repeat.

In order to stimulate growth you are building up metabolites in the muscle. You are also creating miscrotears in the muscle tissue that will build stronger and bigger muscle tissue. By training with heavy weight you are utilizing your fast twitch muscle fibers. This type of training relies on ATP and muscle glycogen that is stored in the muscle for energy. This energy system tires easily which is why you need to rest after each set before being able to go again. This rest period help you build up strength to get at it again. Most people use a routine that includes 3 sets of 10 reps for each exercise.


Muscle Gain


How do make the challenge of this type of routine more intense? By removing the rest period between each set! Your muscles will still get a rest, but your body won’t! Instead you’re going to perform some type of cardio exercise such as squat jumps, elliptical, sprinting, or tuck jumps. But you’re going to do this with high intensity. Now here is the important part…you must target the muscles that you are NOT working. For instance, if you just completed the bench press then you wouldn’t use an exercise that involves your chest muscles because it would be too taxing on your pecs.

Using Cardio acceleration will absolutely do wonders for your body. It lets you gain all of the benefits of weight training combined with all of the benefits of cardio all in one routine. This means that you will burn fat along with building muscle!

The key is that you’ll be able to keep your heart rate higher for the duration of your weight training routine. What does this mean? It means that you will burn a ton more calories …much more! The advantage of training your upper body and lower body together you’ll be directing the blood from top to bottom. This means that you will get plenty of nutrients and oxygen pumped into your muscle. This will also cause your heart to work harder to push the blood up and down which will help you burn more calories.

This will also have a major hormonal response when performing this type of training. There are some downsides though. Cardio Acceleration is extreme and very difficult to get through. With that being said this type of training should only be attempted once your fitness levels are high. It is also something that you won’t want to do on a regular basis.


Burn Abdominal Fat


Another downside is that increases in muscle gains may slow down a bit. Lifting heavy weights with rest periods of 90 seconds between sets is usually the best way to build muscle. This is because your are not able to train with extremely heavy weight or perfect technique. So if your goal is to become as massive as possible then cardio acceleration is not for you.


But if your goal is to become a lean machine who would impress most people you come across then you may want to think hard about taking on this training. So if you are looking for a real challenge then this type of training definitely won’t let you down. If your aim is to become a massive bodybuilder-type, then you should stay away from cardio acceleration. However, if your aim is to become a lean machine who would look incredible on the cover of a fitness magazine, then you should think about it. Just be ready for a real challenge!

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