Believe or not the chest is one of the easiest muscle groups for beginners to develop.  The chest contains two different muscle groups.  These are identified as the Pectoralis Major, the large muscle on either side of the sternum, and the Pectoralis Minor, the smaller muscle that lies underneath the pectoralis major. In the early stages of training the pecs are relatively easy to develop. The pecs can be trained with a high level of intensity.  However, it is important to train them at different angels to ensure full development.



If you’re a beginner then there are three safe and effective exercises that will give you the best development.

  1. One of my favorites in the Incline dumbbell press. It’s best to perform 3 sets of 10-15 reps. Then when you start to feel more comfortable with the movement you can move on to the barbell bench press. Remember that you should maintain proper form.
  2. When done properly the incline fly is good for outer and inner pec development. Reach for 3 sets lf 10-15 reps.
  3. Here’s an oldie but goodie; push-ups. When performing the push-up it is important to keep your body straight from head to knees and lower your body to a point where your arms reach 90 degress or right angles. When done correctly the push-up continues to offer benefits to the chest. Begin by performing 3 sets of 10-15 reps


As a beginner it is important to get used to scheduling specific body parts.  Below I listed a program that I have used with many beginner clients with amazing results.


Day 1: Quads, Forearms, Calves


Day 2: Chest, Triceps, and Abs


Day 3: Biceps, Back, Abs


Day 4: Shoulders, Hamstrings, and Abs


Six Pack Abs


When starting out as a true beginner complete just one set for each muscle group for the first few weeks.  Then add one set per muscle groups until you reach a maximum of three. After about three months your body should be primed and ready to move on the a more intensive intermediate level.

The most important aspect for a beginner when it comes to bodybuilding is adhere to a program that is specific to your level of training.  Too many beginners fall in the trap of training like a pro which can have long lasting implications.  Your body is not prepared to take on the intensity of an advanced program.  Be patient and practice good form and you will continue to improve.


Beginner Lean Muscle Explosion

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